Rosetta Stone Review

To many users around the world, Rosetta Stone holds a high standard in the marketplace of language learning websites, and many aspects of their interface justify their standard. These include the availability of powerful tools and features. Read our Rosetta Stone review below.

Rosetta Stone Review Overview

  • Audio Companion – This tool allows user s to learn without being location bound and helps you learn with audio.
  • Phrasebook – this will guide you in developing essential pronunciation
  • Stories – The feature of stories emphasizes the importance of native stories when it comes to learning a new language.
  • Downloadable Session – Rosetta stone enables you t download every session so that you can view it without the access of the internet.
  • Customizable Plan – With Rosetta Stone, you can pick out a course plan that’s fits perfectly into your lifestyle.
  • Seek and Speak – This is a lesson that improves your vocabulary by improving your object recognition and translation.

Expert Review

One of the things that people complain about is the cost of Rosetta Stone. However, when you consider the extensive and detailed lessons that you can get, against one semester at a university that offers the same value in terms of knowledge, then the cost does not seem very expensive.

Before you start to get infuriated with the price, keep in mind that language-learning classes in general, are expensive. Rosetta Stone is also very objective in their promises. All of their exercises and courses and likely to get you to a low intermediate level, and this says so in their website.

The exercises and programs that you find in this language aim towards helping you recognize the language. If you mange to complete the course on this website, then you will be able to listen, understand and read the particular language.

You can easily say that the entirety of the Rosetta Stone language course is equivalent of at least three semesters in university level language course. One area where it may lack against other applications is language production, or in other words, speaking ability.

It does not involve tasks that focus on producing a sound and instead, it equips you with the skills to understand and comprehend the particular native language. Keep in mind, the general principle behind Rosetta Stone is to teach you language using context and emersion without teaching you grammar or using translation.

While to some people, this principle works well, to others, it can be problematic. Nevertheless, one great positive of this application is the quality of the audio. The voices are very understandable and profession, and do not sound robotic.

Lastly, Rosetta stone is visually very pleasant. This aspect may not be intriguing to some people, but an eye-pleasing website can subconsciously give you that extra boost to go thorough long hours of courses. The website and application design is very picturesque and aesthetic.


Ultimately, Rosetta Stone is ideal for someone that wants to learn a foreign language so that they can enjoy the foreign media, listen to their music or read their books. On the other hand, it may not suite someone who wants to interact and communicate with natives.