Pimsleur Review

Pimsleur method is a language-learning tool that stands beyond new timely innovative applications. Unlike most other language-learning websites, pimsleur focuses more towards developing conversational skills online.  For beginners, it offers incredible exercises that readily improve your vocabulary and fluency over a foreign language. Read our Pimsleur review below.

Pimsleur Review Overview

Primsleur, with its amazing features and access to multiple learning techniques, will help you speak the language of your choice in no time. Below are some of the activities it offers:

  • Reading lessons
  • Core Lessons – These allow you to take half an hour online sessions that you can do anywhere, thus it does not make you location bound.
  • Speak Easy Challenge – This involves the act of role playing according to written transcripts
  • Digital Flash Cards – Flash cards are a tried and tested way of retaining vocabulary and memorizing words
  • Skill Building – This involves the incentives of earning skill badges after learning each lesson. The addition of the reward system keeps people motivated to learn the new language.
  • Speed Round Game – This activity brings the element of fun and excitement in to the learning process, by introducing leaning technique in the form of a fun and fast-paced game.  
  • Lightbulb Moments – This activity intends to ignite a spark to your language learning. It does so by connecting what you learn to their cultural and historic roots, in aims to build inspiration and interest in the user.
  • Uninterrupted Learning – An incredible feature of the application that allows you to take lessons offline.

Expert Review

Primsleur language learning programs have been in the market since 1963, and hence, it comes with a long reputable experience in providing people with learning methods. Primleur method provides you a complete different approach to learning a new language.

The bulk of the program in this application consists of conversations, narratives and phonetics. This is due to Primsleur’s belief that learning a language has more to do with identifying the sounds. With this key idea in mind, it creatively blends the conventional methods with the implementation of listening techniques.

As a result, the website tries to introduce practical ways of adopting a new language and does not stress the users with the task of memorization. In other words, it prioritizes and encourages users towards the auditory learning model, in which they have to develop their listening skills and retain words using their sound.

It does so by providing the users a guided and automated narrator that breaks down words by each syllable and explains how to formulate sentences that work in real life conversations. The narration will also provide you information on how small tweaks and subtle changes in a particular statement can completely alter the meaning.  

To Conclude

Overall, Primsleur today, has an amazing application and website with high usability mechanics and accessibility.  It is ideal for people that love to travel and communicate with the local people and learn about their unique stories and experiences. The systematic Primleur methods enable you to converse confidently as a non-native speaker.