Babbel Review

Babbel is a language-learning interface that is growing quite extensively throughout the world and its language selection is increasing, which in turn is resulting in their higher credibility. Read our babbel review below.


  • Professional linguists have worked on the courses on Babbel, which provides plenty of professional legitimacy to the course.
  • Interactive dialogues access that help you speak the language instead of just learning.
  • High compatibility and responsive design, meaning that you can use it on any device with ease.
  • Track backs your progress and allows you to review you whole progress to identify where you stand.
  • Covers plenty of languages
  • Reasonable in terms of price
  • Provides access to podcasts for its users

Expert Babbel Review

There are plenty of positives that you get from using Babbel as your language-learning tool.  The first one is that for many of their languages, the courses are unbelievably extensive. When using their services, you will have exposure to thousands of idioms and phrases.

All the language exercises that it offers comes with a full course catalogue. This can be undeniably helpful for someone who is truly passionate about learning a language and wants to gain complete mastery. 

Another thing that makes Babbel distinctive is that there are many, natural and funny conversational dialogues at your disposal. This counters the problems of some courses that use very formal and obsolete language that paves the way for a very unnatural way of speaking.

This is not ideal because most natives of any particular language are not familiar with the formal way of learning. Babbel identifies this problem and provides an extensive colloquial registry that teaches you to talk just like the locals.

Thus, by using Babbel, you can develop a very natural way of speaking by learning how to switch between formal and informal language. Another great aspect of Babbel is that they use innovative and effective methodologies to teach grammar.

They do this by introducing a couple of different exercises to teach you new words. Following those exercises, they will introduce a conversation that integrates those words so you can get familiar with them.

Lastly, they make it entirely easy for users to navigate through their course catalogues freely, according to your preference. Unlike other websites, it does not have a sequential format, and you can move through out each course without having to complete each course gradually.

This allows more flexibility and freedom to the users. For example, if you have good vocabulary and only want to work on your grammar, then using Babbel enables you to jump straight to the grammar section and skip other exercises.

Final Words

Along with all the key distinctive features, Babbel has a very sophisticated and thought-out interface. It meets the high standards that you would expect when you pay for language learning source, knowing that there are free ones available. For the price you pay, you also get the facilities of customer service. Therefore, to many, it is absolutely worth every penny.