Avast Cleanup Review

Avast Cleanup Review
Experts Advice

Avast is more popular for their anti-virus software for virus protection. Only recently, the company decided to launch their cleanup tool that helps improve system performance for the users. It does so by removing junk files and optimizes your settings. Read our Avast Cleanup review below!

Avast Cleanup Review Overview

Avast Cleanup uses some of the same tools and other cleanup procedures that several other registry cleaners use. Unlike some other cleanup programs, Avast Cleanup is not actually free. 

It includes a 14 days trial and during that time, it offers all of its functions without any cost. However, after the trial period ends, you will see that only a small portion of the program remains free to use. The programs that are free to use after the 14-day trial involve:

  • Deleting your unsolicited information on websites that you may have to give out while browsing. This is a great option. 
  • It helps clear your browsing and downloads history
  • Identifies red flags in the form of add-ons and search engines and replaces them. 

Below are programs that you will have to pay for, to acquire after the 14-day trial. 

  • Identify and disable applications that can be dangerous
  • Scheduled automated cleanups to keep your PC healthy 
  • Registry Cleanup (the saved settings and files on your computers that are unnecessary) 
  • Speeding up of your computer boot-up time and adjusting preferences for startup 
  • Search and delete of useless junk files that are crowding your hard drives 

To many, paying about thirty-five dollars for these cleaning utility features may not be worth it considering that there are many free ones in the market available. 


The program is only about twenty-eight megabytes to download, hence, it does not take up so much space.  The installation procedure is very straightforward and easy and does not confuse you with any bundled software offers or any major problems. 

Experts Advice 

As far as optimization goes in terms of usability, this program is easy to use and navigate, which is a great plus.  It gives you the option to scan your PC and that can take a couple of minutes. If you keep your computer fairly optimized, then the scan time may not over extend. 

Alternatively, if your computer is in drastic condition, then the scan time will be longer. Once the scan is completed, this program brings you to the main interface, and breaks down the fixing solutions into three different sections, clean, optimize and schedule. 

One aspect of this cleanup tool that experts complain about is its vague aspects. When it presents to you all the files and junk that will clear out gigabytes of space if you delete them, it does not exactly break down the files particularly and groups them in a broad category instead. 

For someone that likes to inspect all the files that the cleaner searches before deleting, this vagueness can be quite frustrating. This lack of information may not be ideal to some users. 

To Conclude 

Avast Cleanup is a great cleanup tool. With a few updates and clarity on information, it can solidify as the best registry cleaner in the space.