Rocket Languages Review

The sheer number of modules and courses that you get with Rocket languages is mindboggling. It enables users to gain mastery over several different popular languages. The quality of their courses may vary by language. Read our rocket languages review below.

Rocket Languages Review Overview

  • Interactive Audio
  • Language and Culture
  • Survival Kit
  • Writing

Expert Review

To start off, Rocket Languages have a very easy-to-use platform. This user-friendly platform is one of the stronger aspects of rocket languages. From their dashboard view, you can easily access all of the course materials, along with some additional language tools.

It also enables you to monitor your daily progress, and keep track of how far you have come, and how much longer you have to go into the course.  Language courses on this application break into three different levels, which further divide into modules.

These modules comprise of various lessons. Each audio lesson revolves around a piece of dialogue and a podcast episode. In this, the hosts tend to guide you through the dialogue and explain the words in it. This audio course teaches you to learn new words by using it in conversation, which is also the best way to learn a language.

It also enables you to learn the different words and phrases individually. At the end of each audio lesson, the automated host quizzes you on the lesson, which solidifies and ensures that your lesson was indeed productive.

Moreover, it also includes activities such as a conversation practice, in which you can speak into the app in response to common conversational small talk. The application uses speech recognition technology to access whether you are correct or incorrect.     

Furthermore, another lesson option when using this application is the vocabulary and cultural lessons. This lesson is goldmine of crucial information regarding the language that you choose to learn. It involves vocabulary and essential cultural notes.

The lesson allows you plenty of opportunities to practice your pronunciation. This in depth information makes rocket languages more thorough than other applications. Along with depth, it also makes the lesson interactive and fun.

The cultural information aspect in this application helps add more value to their lessons and gives background information, which makes certain words and sentences more memorable. Another great aspect of this application is the writing lessons.

Each of the writing lessons consist of detailed explanations that are incredible. However, the practice opportunities can feel insufficient. Learning a completely new system of writing and alphabets is essential. This it is nice to see rocket languages integrate some tracing practices.

Final Words

Rocket league in the recent months have made incredible improvements to some of their courses that needed fixing.  Rocket Languages is an incredible application to learn multiple languages without specializing in one.