Mondly Languages Review

Review Overview

Here in our Mondly Languages review, we have identified a few key features we would like to mention.

  • Fantastic Variety of Languages
  • Interactive methods
  • Attractive interface
  • Many different categories
  • Non sequential
  • Speech Recognition Technology
  • Gamification

Mondly Languages Expert Review

The first thing that you notice about this application and the website is the presentation. The overall feel of the interface is clean, sound and attractive. It presents a complete road map view to the users for the checkpoints that they want to learn.

In terms of pricing, many users can agree that they offer very cheap prices for the programs that they offer. For a reasonable price, you get to unlock all the content, which is primarily five hundred lessons and conversations, along with five thousand words and phrases.

Primarily, most people spend most of their time in the audio features of a language-learning application. For this reason, the application makes the listening process enjoyable, fun, with the introduction of pictures, and interactive aspects.

Like many other language-learning application, Mondly also integrates the element of gamification in to their system. This helps incentivize the learning experience by giving points and other rewards. As a result, it boosts the motivation and makes learning enjoyable.

Another great thing about Mondly is that you can learn from your native language. In many other language-learning programs, you can only learn in reference to English, so Mondly in this perspective is superior.

Mondly offer vocabulary options in which you can match words from your native language or English form any other language. You can also match words that you identify form images. There also translation activities in which you translate foreign languages into your other languages and the other way around.

There are also activities in which you put together sentences, using the words that you learn. There is also a dialogue section in every module. That module uses the speech recognition technology, making you a central part of the dialogue and the speech recognition technology identifies whether you are using the correct pronunciation.

 One of the best pros of this application is that you can choose the level of your course. For example, you can choose whether you are a beginner, intermediate learner, or a fast learner. This helps you set your own pace for the course and choose the level that you are most comfortable with in the start.

Another great thing about this application is that it focuses more on phrases rather than individual words. Learning words in context, as part of phrases, or sentences is a much better way of retaining information.  It is truly the way to learn words and use them in real life situations, and mondly is an interface that enables you to learn through phrases.

To Conclude

Our Mondly Languages review: Mondly is a great, slick app to learn languages, with a variety of languages to learn from, in reasonable prices.